Monday, September 14, 2009

The Working Queen

The U.S. United pageant is an "at large" pageant meaning I didn't have to win a preliminary pageant to be in the national pageant. Once they receive the application and the fees, they will ship me my banner that will state "Elegant Ms South Carolina U.S. United". I will also receive my state crown. I'm excited to receive those because I want to go ahead and start making appearances to get used to doing those. I'm a little worried though because I work full time at a doctors office and flu season is coming! I'm also a newlywed and pageant research cuts into our time!

It's a bit of a pain because there are not that many places around that sell cute and trendy plus size clothing. If you can find it, it all looks matronly and not what a 26 year old would wear! I've had to get most of my pageant clothes off the internet which isn't bad. I actually hate to try things on so ordering and being able to exchange or return through the mail is AWESOME!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shoes, Dresses, Sequins, Oh my!

For the U.S. United pageant, one of the outfits I have to have is a jewel toned cocktail dress. I found this GORGEOUS dress on Macy's website and ordered it last week.
I am so in love with this dress. It fits wonderfully and the plus part? No pun intended there! No alterations! YAY! I've been looking for shoes to wear with it and was thinking of doing strappy heels but I found some round toed pumps that are completely sequined. They've got about a 4 inch heel on them and fit great.

I'm still looking for an evening gown. I'm considering wearing my wedding dress because it really doesn't look like a wedding dress. I did find a gorgeous sheath dress with strategically placed sequins, strapless with a train. It has a small split on the left side and is GORGEOUS! It's only about $130 and I'm seriously considering buying it. I'll keep you updated. Happy Football Sunday!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pageant craziness!

Pageants. Whenever I hear the word, I always think of the Miss American, Miss USA or the Miss Universe pageants. The ones where the girls are skinny amazons who spend all their time going to school and doing good deeds. I'm sure they are wonderful people but most of American women are not a size 2! It gets a little depressing sometimes!

I'm very comfortable with myself being the size that I am. I'm definitely on the curvy side; you're typical hourglass figure. But honestly, those pageants are not geared to us! I've doing research the last several years off and on and have found that there are some very good "Plus Size" pageants out there. There are also pageants that have a plus size division. The U.S. United pageant is one of them and I'm very excited to be doing that pageant in July 2010. The plus size division is called the Elegant Ms division and is open to women 18 and older, 14W and up. Talk about excited when I came across that! The pageant is considered "at large" for the state pageant which means that you just sign up to represent the state you want and you actually compete on the national level. The national pageant is being held in Atlanta, July 9-11, 2010.

I'll keep you updated on the goings on of the preparation! Any suggestions?? Email me!