Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shoes, Dresses, Sequins, Oh my!

For the U.S. United pageant, one of the outfits I have to have is a jewel toned cocktail dress. I found this GORGEOUS dress on Macy's website and ordered it last week.
I am so in love with this dress. It fits wonderfully and the plus part? No pun intended there! No alterations! YAY! I've been looking for shoes to wear with it and was thinking of doing strappy heels but I found some round toed pumps that are completely sequined. They've got about a 4 inch heel on them and fit great.

I'm still looking for an evening gown. I'm considering wearing my wedding dress because it really doesn't look like a wedding dress. I did find a gorgeous sheath dress with strategically placed sequins, strapless with a train. It has a small split on the left side and is GORGEOUS! It's only about $130 and I'm seriously considering buying it. I'll keep you updated. Happy Football Sunday!

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